Expert Panel Explores Social Media’s Impact on County Engagement at #MACoCon

At the 2023 MACo Summer Conference, a panel of experts delved into the realm of social media, exploring how counties can harness its potential beyond the realm of mere likes and shares.

During the conference, the panel titled ‘It’s More Than Likes and Shares – Unlocking the Power of Social Media to Engage Communities’ brought together experts representing diverse facets of local government. Their aim was to illuminate the genuine impact and untapped capabilities of social media. The discussion centered around effectively measuring and interpreting the metrics that drive engagement and foster growth. A key focal point was the profound significance of listening to the ‘audience voice’ and harnessing it as a catalyst for enhancing county communications.


  • The Honorable Evan Glass, Council President, Montgomery County
  • Renesha Alphonso, Director of Communications and Public Information at the Anne Arundel County Office of County Executive Steuart Pittman
  • Kevin Schmidt, Public Broadcast Manager, Calvert County, Maryland
  • Beth Malasky, Queen Anne’s County, Public Information Officer

Participating Moderator: The Honorable Odette Ramos, Council Member, Baltimore City

These are a few highlights from social media on this session:



Key takeaways from the session included the feasibility of managing communication strategies from a small county perspective. Once counties are attuned to their target audience and capable of identifying their precise needs, effective communication becomes achievable. Additionally, it’s crucial to maintain authenticity and conciseness when presenting intricate information. Leveraging creative tools like videos and infographics can also amplify the message’s reach. Lastly, meeting your audience where they are by understanding the platforms that best suit them remains pivotal.

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