Empowering Excellence: Maryland’s NACo Leadership Academy Graduates Shine

Congratulations to the NACo Leadership Academy, April graduates from Maryland!

They join a prestigious group of over 10,000 graduates and participants nationwide who have benefited from the comprehensive 12-week online program. This program empowers both current and emerging county leaders to reach their full potential.

Meet some of the outstanding graduates:

  • Amanda Willis, Senior Procurement Specialist, Charles County
  • Ashley Johnson-Hare, Deputy Director, Baltimore County
  • Cathy Thompson, Planning Supervisor, Charles County
  • Charles Miles, Engineer I, Charles County
  • Christopherjay Sharma, Assistant Manager, Montgomery County
  • Elizabeth Phipps, Senior Center Supervisor, Charles County
  • Ho-Ching Fong, Planning Specialist III, Montgomery County
  • Jennifer Sterling, Webmaster, Calvert County
  • Jesse Bungcayao, Executive Assistant, Charles County
  • Kate Gieron, Director of Scheduling & Operations, Baltimore County
  • Kristin Baucom, HR Program Manager, Charles County
  • Marsha Dawson, Board Manager, Howard County
  • Sean Brennan, Security Intern, Montgomery County
  • Susan Webb, Director of Planning and Zoning, Dorchester County
  • Taylor Mason, Manager of BPI & Data Analytics, Baltimore County
  • Troy Garner, Project Manager, Charles County

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