FirstNet and NG911: The Future of End-to-End Public Safety Communications

MACo’s 2023 Summer Conference Solutions Showcase features thought leaders and industry experts presenting resources and best practices to assist local governments. Check out this session hosted by FirstNet/AT&T!

About FirstNet/AT&T:

FirstNet, Built with AT&T, is the only network built with and for first responders – when and where they need it most. We are accountable for keeping your lines of communication open with dedicated mission critical solutions to modernize public safety. @ATT



Title: FirstNet and NG9-1-1: The Future of End-to-End Public Safety Communications

Description: Technology is changing how information flows during emergencies. When first responders, call takers, and emergency response personnel can carry out their missions, lives and property are saved. Each year, 9-1-1 centers in the US receive an estimated 240 million calls. Public safety needs to communicate just as easily. In this session, an expert panel will highlight actionable solutions and best practices to prioritize access for critical communications, applications, and systems when seconds matter.

Date: Thursday, August 17, 2023

Time: 11:30 AM−Noon

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