Dept. of Labor Launches Firefighter Recruitment & Retention Website

The Maryland Department of Labor recently launched the firefighter recruitment & retention website associated with MACo’s 2023 legislative initiative. 

Yesterday the Maryland Department of Labor (DoL) launched the website associated with the Commission to Advance and Strengthen Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services Within Maryland. The commission was the product of Sen. Malcomb Augustine’s SB414, which aimed to help develop solutions surrounding firefighter recruitment and retention. The website is a one-stop shop for the latest updates on the work of the commission, including meeting dates, minutes, and eventually the commission’s final report, due in December of this year.

Website Link:


All across Maryland, counties are having growing concerns around firefighter recruitment and retention. In both career and volunteer companies, there are reports of a weakening flow of new recruits coupled with an aging and retiring workforce. While jurisdictions in Maryland currently meet or beat national average response times, recruitment and retention trends indicate this may be more of a challenge in the future. In response to calls from county leaders, the MACo’s board adopted firefighter recruitment and retention as one of its four 2023 Legislative Initiatives.

As part of a multiyear strategy, MACo engaged with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive study bill that would bring everyone together to examine the issue and develop recommendations. The adoption of SB414 created the Commission to Advance and Strengthen Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Services Within Maryland and set into motion a deliberative examination process set to conclude with a report due in December.

Check out the website. 

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