Carroll Adopts Fiscal 2024 Budget

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the fiscal 2024 budget, which begins July 1, 2023. The budget focuses on education, public safety, and community investments.

The $542.8 million operating budget sees an increase of $41.6 million or 8.3 percent from fiscal 2023. The budget proposes no property or local income tax rate increase for fiscal 2024. Although previously considered, the budget holds the County’s Recordation Rate fee at $5.00/$500 with no increase for this upcoming fiscal year.

The budget does include fee increases for solid waste and utilities. Utility revenue is used to maintain the safety and security of the public systems and to continue the self-supporting nature of the Utilities Enterprise Fund. The money stays within the fund and cannot be used as part of general revenue.

The County’s fiscal 2024 operating budget is funded 45 percent from property tax, 38 percent from income tax, and 3 percent from recordation, with the remainder supported by other revenue sources, including building permits, 9-1-1 service fees, and investment income.

Several Commissioners commented and praised the discussions and collaborative efforts of colleagues, the community, and staff during the budget process.

Visit the Carroll County website for more information.