NACo Announces AI Exploratory Committee

County leaders and partners to examine best practices and considerations for deploying AI.

National Association of Counties LogoThe National Association of Counties (NACo) is pleased to announce the formation of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Exploratory Committee, which will examine emerging policies, practices, and potential applications and consequences of AI.

People worldwide recognize AI’s potential in the economy and public sector. America’s counties need to be prepared to address this innovation with the realization that AI technology is here to stay.

The Committee includes 15 county-elected and appointed officials from across America. It will focus on the lens of county governance, operations, constituent services, public trust, privacy and security, and workforce productivity and skills development.

As with any emerging technology, there will be a spectrum of impacts, from the known to the unknown, and county leaders stand ready to engage in upcoming national, statewide, and local discussions on balancing the promise of AI with the inherent risks.

How to Get Involved

All NACo members are invited to engage with the Committee’s work, and thought leaders from the academic, consumer, and corporate technology sectors will be consulted for their expertise.

To stay up-to-date on NACo’s work around AI, complete the sign-up form on the Committee’s landing page.

Useful Links

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