Maryland Headed for Record Hot Summer

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration projects Maryland’s summer will be significantly hotter than average. 

NOAA Summer 2023 Temperature Projections

Summer projections from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show that Maryland is poised to have one of the hottest summers on record. From July to September, Western & Central Maryland are set to have a 40% to 50% chance of above-normal temperatures, while the eastern shore region is projected to have a 50% to 60% chance of above-normal temperatures. This rise follows a trend of increasingly hot summers due to climate change.

County Impact

Across Maryland, counties lead efforts to combat extreme heat, alerting residents of extreme heat and standing up cooling shelters.   Last year Montgomery County launched an initiative to map heat islands in the county, part of an effort to make dense urban areas more climate resistant and to better direct resources to communities in need. According to Climate Central,

Hotter summers can lead to heat-related illness and exacerbate poor air quality. Vulnerable populations like children, athletes, low-income households, outdoor workers, and people with chronic illnesses are most at risk.

Higher temperatures can also strain the electric grid as more households turn to air conditioning. This is important, especially considering the broader conversation around electrification and an increasing need for more electricity from carbon-free sources.

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