COVID-19 Dashboard Retired by Maryland Health Department

Health Secretary Scott assures Marylanders that the state is entering a new phase of dealing with the virus that paralyzed the planet. 

Maryland Department of Health logoWith the federal public health emergency ending on May 11, website changes and data migration began last Thursday for the Maryland Health Department as the COVID-19 dashboard was retired. According to a release, additional website changes include replacing Maryland’s testing and vaccine locators with federal locators and changing the COVID contact tracing services. The current system of outreach to COVID patients ended on April 25, and the MD COVID Alert system ends on May 9. However, outreach will continue in response to COVID-19 institutional outbreaks and other situations of public health importance.

“These changes reflect the new phase of COVID-19 that we are in today,” said Maryland Department of Health Secretary Laura Herrera Scott.

Local public health departments will continue to distribute at-home COVID-19 tests to facilitate public awareness and response to COVID-19. The department will continue to provide relevant information on COVID-19 as the federal response changes and as necessary for public health.

From the MDH website:

On 4/27/2023 the public-facing dashboards on this page will be retired and all Maryland COVID-19 information, resources and data will move to a new page on, including a set of COVID-19 metrics that will continue to be maintained. For more information on data sources please visit

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