Baltimore County Free Animal Adoption Weekend Loaded with Value

Pet adoption fees waived for animals with thousands of dollars in services already covered by the county.

The Baltimore County Animal Shelter (BCAS) hosted a free adoptions event this past weekend and for a short period of time was waiving the $50 adoption fee. The fee waiver was in place from Friday, April 28th through Sunday, May 6th. As part of the many services counties provide, animal shelters offer a unique value and service to community residents. Currently the facility has been receiving an average of 16 dogs and cats per day and while some are strays, many are pets being surrendered.

The BCAS facility in Baltimore County is also one of the county’s only open-access shelters, which means they must take all animals regardless of capacity. Chief of the Baltimore County Animal Services Division, Carrie McCloskey says, “This is not the choice they want to make. They are bringing these animals in because they are having a hardship within their family, and they are bringing them to us to help find the best home for them.”

Other than finding a fur-riendly addition to the family, these cats and dogs specifically are coming with a wealth of costly services already covered, such as spaying and neutering, deworming, full vaccinations, a microchip, and county license if the adopter lives in the county.

Check out adoptable animals at BCAS.