County Executive Calvin Ball Announces $1.3 Million in Rental Assistance

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball speaking at a podiumHoward County Executive Calvin Ball announced an additional round of $1.3 million in transformational funding to support residents struggling to pay rent due to loss of income or illness during the pandemic and facing eviction.

“Many of our residents are still struggling to recover from the effects of the pandemic” said Executive Ball, “Higher rents and rising food prices are leading to tough choices for our neighbors who have limited income households. These funds will help those individuals and families clear back rent and maintain their housing.”

Funding for rental assistance and eviction prevention to avoid homelessness were consistent themes in the last two needs hearings led by the County’s Department of Housing and Community Development earlier this year. Through a network of partners working directly with struggling households in the community, Howard County successfully processed 3,800 applications for past due rent and utility payments in the last 3 years totaling more than $25 million. That work made them one of the most efficient counties in the state of Maryland to assist households, keeping hundreds of people in their homes. The average amount of assistance was $7,300 per household. This funding was essential to keeping limited income individuals and families in their homes. It also helped property owners and landlords make their mortgage payments, cover operating expenses, and avoid the costs associated with evictions.

Income-eligible residents were invited to apply for assistance to pay up to 18 months of past due rent to avoid eviction. Details can be found on the Howard County Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) COVID-19 website.