Maryland Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MD-ISAC) Goes Live

The Maryland Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MD-ISAC) is live and available for government partners, including county governments.

A combination of people, process, technology, and partners, the MD-ISAC is staffed with a complement of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) analysts that develop and curate information that can help prevent successful cyber attacks against Maryland and its local government partners.

The MD-ISAC is an effort that started in late 2021 and was viewed as such a critical initiative by the Maryland legislature that it was included in Senate Bill 754, which was signed into law by Governor Hogan. MACo had invested deeply in the work group process that eventually led to multiple bills and was engaged throughout the 2022 session to advocate for improved resources and support for local governments facing online threats.

“The approach that we’ve taken is to be proactive in finding the holes and tools that cybercriminals could use to launch a successful attack – and then working to close those doors before they have the opportunity to exploit it,” said State Chief Information Security Officer Chip Stewart. “This is more than repackaging already-shared and outdated bulletins. This drives meaningful reduction in cyber-risk.”

According to the Maryland Department of Information Technology:

By establishing strong partnerships with other states, federal agencies, open-source intelligence feeds, and commercial intelligence organizations, Maryland contributes to the collective tide that raises all ships. Stewart continued by explaining that “Creating actionable intelligence, and then acting on it, is the most effective tool that we have to defend ourselves against all classes of cyber adversaries – from nation-states to hacktivists.”

MD-ISAC membership is open to any government entity within the State, including counties, cities, towns, and public school systems. For more information about signing up, these entities should contact the MD-ISAC by emailing from their official government email address.

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