Knowing Your Cyber Weakness is a Key Takeaway at #MACoCon

Cybersecurity experts weigh in on best practices and the need to stay on top of our cyber hygiene in a world of evolving threats.

The risk to government infrastructure was certainly not understated in this informative panel. Computer technology has been integrated into public life all the way down to the actual function of clean water coming from a faucet. Protecting government information and operations is now, more than ever, a priority that requires constant maintenance and vigilance as the threat is constantly changing.

The group of cybersecurity experts that convened for this panel collectively reiterated the importance of training staff members in best practices to keep internal systems safe. As user behaviors are a known vulnerability, an emphasis was placed on keeping members of the network in good practice with regular exercises well after initial trainings.

Additionally, one panelist cited as many as thirty attacks per month in assuring audience members that sustained external screenings of ones own network are necessary. This practice allows for a valuable lens to assess a network for weaknesses. This is an exercise that actual mimics the strategy of would be assailants and provides a customized perspective into what opportunities the potential attackers are seeing.

Title: Back to Basics: What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity


  • Douglas L. Krinsky, J.P. Morgan
  • Chip Stewart, Chief Information Security Officer, MDoIT
  • Kevin Kearney, Chief Information Security Officer, Baltimore City

Moderator: The Honorable Pat YoungMaryland House of Delegates; Incoming Baltimore County Council Member

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