Counties discuss “Where Do Rurals Fit into All of This?”

At MACo’s Winter Conference panelists discussed rural counties and Maryland’s larger political landscape. 

Rural counties play a unique both within MACo and within Maryland at large. While most of the population is centered around eight central jurisdictions, sixteen outlining counties account for a large portion of the state’s landmass and represent several of the state’s key industries. The positioning of Maryland’s rural jurisdictions in the broader political universe is unique and, when used effectively, can help get more resources for residents in those jurisdictions.

The meeting opened with the coalition re-appointment of Jack Wilson as Chair and appointment of Cecil County Councilwoman Jackie Gregory as Vice Chair. Afterwords, rural county leaders discussed MACo’s overall approach of preserving county autonomy and how this philosophy benefits all jurisdictions. Charles County Commissioner President pointed out that many of the issues facing large and small counties is mainly just one of scale, noting the vast majority of issues are universal. Within MACo rural counties hold a sizable portion of representation, but rural leaders emphasized that the association’s strength lies in its ability to bring all jurisdictions together and to speak with one voice.


  • Reuben B. Collins, II, Esq., Commissioner President, Charles County 
  • Charlotte Davis, Executive Director, Rural Maryland Council 

Moderator/Speaker: The Honorable Jack Wilson, Commissioner, Queen Anne’s County

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