Voters Approve New Term Limits for Anne Arundel Council, Baltimore City Elected Officials

Voters in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore City approved new term limits for local elected officials.

Anne Arundel County — Question B

According to unofficial results, 77 percent of Anne Arundel County approved this measure.

Question B amends the Anne Arundel County Charter to provide that no person elected or appointed to the office of County Councilmember may serve more than three full consecutive four-year terms.

Anne Arundel County Councilmembers are currently limited to two full consecutive four-year terms.

Baltimore City — Question K

According to unofficial results, 72 percent of Baltimore City approved this measure.

Question K establishes a two-term limit for Baltimore City elected officials, including the Mayor, the Comptroller, the City Council President, and members of the City Council. Under the charter amendment, none of these elected officials can hold office for more than eight years during any 12-year period.

If a candidate for one of these offices is elected to fill a vacancy, that candidate may hold the office for the remainder of their predecessor’s term and one consecutive full term after that. However, all candidates start with a clean slate in 2024, meaning most incumbents wouldn’t be affected until 2032.

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