Baltimore County Council Election Wrap-Up

Baltimore County Council will see two new faces for the incoming term in Michael P Ertel (D) and Pat Young (D).

The Baltimore County Council is comprised of seven members. Below are the results by district.

District 1 – With Tom Quirk (D) being term limited, Pat Young (D) will assume the role with 63 percent of the vote against Albert “Al” Nalley (R).

District 2 – Incumbent Izzy Patoka (D) will remain in office as the District 2 Council Member after a win against James Amos (R) with 78 percent of the vote.

District 3 – Wade Kach (R) will hold on to the District 3 seat with 62 percent of the vote against Paul Henderson (D).

District 4 – Julian Earl Jones (D) was victorious in reelection pulling 80 percent of votes against Kim Bryant (R).

District 5 – Baltimore County Council sees another strong incumbent win with David Marks (R) holding on to his seat, pulling 68 percent of votes against Crystal Francis (D)

District 6 – Previous District 6 seat holder Cathy Bevins (D) has termed out and will be succeeded by Michael P. Ertel (D) who held on to 65 percent of the vote as of Wednesday morning, against Tony Campbell (R).

District 7 – Incumbent Todd k. Crandell (R) will stay in office with 63 percent of the vote against Justin Holliday (D) and Doug Stanley (L).

MACo’s election coverage and analysis rely on unofficial results published by the State Board of Elections. Official results will follow after a full accounting of pending votes. MACo advises readers that any close unofficial results are subject to realignment in the days ahead.