Kent to Award Grants for Organizations Helping Disparate Populations

The Kent County Health Department will be awarding 25 grants up to $15,000 to organizations that will provide services or education to disparate populations in Kent County. 

The network established through grant awards will be used to increase capacity to reach populations disproportionally affected with effective cultural and linguistic programs and practices. This will include healthcare and non-healthcare interventions that may include access to healthcare, social services, transportation, and housing.

The Kent County Health Department (KHCD) seeks to address disparities among populations at high-risk and underserved communities using this grant. These communities include, but are not limited to, rural residents, elderly residents (age 65+), Hispanic residents, African American residents, homeless residents, and residents suffering with mental illness. The KCHD intends to use a team of nursing and administrative coordinators in addition to translator services to focus on the following 3 activities: 1. Form community partnerships, 2. Mobilize partners and collaborators, and 3. Expand existing/develop new mitigation and prevention resources and services. KCHD intends to award grants to the partner organizations to help quickly mobilize the selected mitigation efforts in the Kent County zip codes.