Plan Ahead! #MACoCon Covers Response Planning for Cyber Breaches

At the 2022 MACo Summer Conference, an expert panel discussed cyber attack response strategies.

The best laid defensive plan can be overcome with either new technology or an innovative strategy. For government entities, quick response and recovery are crucial to restoring and maintaining public service and, often, public safety. In the second part of this two-part cyber series, presenters discussed best practices for responding to cyber breaches.

Title: After the Attack: Response Planning for System Breaches


  • David Warnick, Director of IT, Cecil County
  • Christina Majernik, Director of Cyber Security, Skyline
  • Ben Yelin, UMD

Moderator: Delegate Pat Young

Delegate Pat Young kicked off the discussion by introducing David Warnick. Mr. Warnick detailed a very real instance where county officials had to take nearly the entire government offline for several days. Cybercriminals were able to obtain critical credentials leaving some parts of the network open to attack. Thankfully, there was no serious damage. Christina Majernik went over the anatomy of a cyber attack. While each attack is unique, there are still several key concepts to be aware of. Finally, Ben Yelin discussed the 2022 cyber security package and what resources are in it for local governments.

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