Housing Talks Takes Center Stage at #MACoCon

At the 2022 MACo Summer Conference, an expert panel discussed the challenges and opportunities around housing affordability. 

Everyone deserves the ability to find an affordable place to call home, but getting there has proven to be difficult for many communities. Labor and supply shortages, skyrocketing interest rates and inflation, the looming eviction crisis, inclusive housing concerns, and equity in transportation access are all front-and-center in the national and local housing conversation. This panel discussed county-level policy options and opportunities to help solve our housing crisis.

Title: Let’s Talk Housing: National Problem, Local Solutions


  • Miguel Salinas, Easton
  • Terry Hickey, Baltimore County
  • Patrice Bubar, Public Service Commission
  • Les Knapp, Maryland Department of the Environment

Moderator: Delegate Regina Boyce

Delegate Regina Boyce kicked off this panel by introducing former MACo staffer Les Knapp. Mr. Knapp detailed environmental considerations and impacts of increasing different housing types. Terry Hickey discussed how the changing demographics of the state need to be apart of any housing policy changes. Patrice Bubar went over the work of the PSC and how energy connects to housing. Miguel Salinas talked about the impacts of zoning policy and gave a break down of housing concerns in rural areas.

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