Before the Attack: Fortifying Your Cyber Defenses in the Modern World

Learn more about cybersecurity preparedness and preventative measures at #MACoCon. 

It is often said an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This goes doubly true in the world of cybersecurity. The the 2020 Summer Conference, MACo is dedicating two special panels to discuss both preventative measures in cybersecurity and best practices in responding to successful cyber-attacks. This panel will cover the preventative side, detailing what governments can do to avoid a worst-case scenario.

Title: Before the Attack: Fortifying Your Cyber Defenses in the Modern World

Description: Developing a proper defense against cyber threats is critical to protecting the continuity of operations. Hackers and ransomware attackers are always testing for weaknesses. Local governments need to be proactive in doing the same, shoring up their defenses and educating internal users. In this first part of this two-part cyber series, leaders in both industry and government will discuss cyber defensive strategies and best practices.


  • Scott Soderstrom, LGIT
  • Tasha Cornish, Executive Director, Cyber Security Association of Maryland
  • Anthony J Battista, Verizon

Moderator: Senator Katie Fry Hester

Date/Time: Wednesday, August 17, 2022; 11:00 am – 12 noon

The 2022 MACo Summer Conference will be held at the Roland Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD from August 17-20. This year’s theme is “Taking Care of Business.” More information can be found on our conference website.