Talbot County Council Awarded “Community Action Vision and Value Award”

At the 2022 Maryland Community Action Partnership Human Services Conference held during May 11 – 13, 2022 in Ocean City, Maryland, the Talbot County Council was awarded the Community Action Vision and Value Award. 

The Talbot County Council was nominated by Marilyn Neal, Executive Director, Neighborhood Service Center, for “continued support for Neighborhood Service Center in its mission toward eliminating poverty by empowering individuals and families to become self-sufficient.”

Council member Frank Divilio stated, “The last few years have been especially challenging.  Many of these challenges are the same ones that the Neighborhood Service Center helps the public with daily.   I am thankful that we already had many channels set up to help the community and appreciate everyone working together to keep us afloat.  While we faced many challenges, I am beyond grateful for the programs that we already have in place and watching them expand rapidly to fill the needs.”

According to the county press release:

The Neighborhood Service Center located at 126 Port Street in Easton serves as the County’s Community Action Agency, providing services and assistance to low-income families and elderly residents of the county since 1969.  Programs include After School Youth Program, Emergency Food Pantry, Electric Universal Service Program, Emergency Services Program, Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), Mobile Food Pantry, On-the-Job Training for Homeless Individuals, and Rapid Rehousing.  Additionally, the Neighborhood Service Center operates Webb’s Hope, a low-income rental property located at 36 West Street in Easton.

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