Michael Sanderson on Center Maryland’s Podcast, The Lobby

Catch Michael Sanderson on Center Maryland‘s podcast, The Lobby.

Damian O’Doherty, host of Center Maryland’s The Lobby, invited MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson to be a guest on this week’s podcast. Learn more about the episode and listen below:

In episode 31 of The Lobby, in celebration of Conduit Street Podcast’s recent achievement in reaching 1,000 followers, Damian jumps all the way in on county politics. Guest Michael Sanderson of the Maryland Association of Counties and the Conduit Street Podcast joins us to share his insight into Maryland government structure, where the power rests in the state, and the reason we care what the county thinks. Later, he’ll top off our Center Maryland 2022 Legislative Session Winners with one of his own that listeners may be less than aware of.

This year’s MACo Conference is going to be a big one! We hope to see you there, and here in the Lobby.

Listen to the podcast episode: Out in the County with Michael Sanderson.

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