NACo Highlights Somerset Natural Gas Project

The National Association of Counties (NACo) recently highlighted a major natural gas project in Somerset County. 

In a recent article, the National Association of Counties (NACo) highlighted an innovative natural gas project in Maryland’s own Somerset County. Previously Somerset County was one of a handful of jurisdictions without access to natural gas. In 2020 County officials launched an initiative to bring natural gas to their community. By 2021 Somerset had a fully operational pipeline, bringing with it economic opportunity and a reliable source of energy.

According to the article:

In advocating for the project, Somerset County Commission President Craig Mathies often stated, “Somerset County is not looking for a handout, only a hand.” . . .

…the project will serve as a powerful driver for economic development. …potential employers have historically been hesitant to locate in Somerset County due to its lack of natural gas service but they are now hearing renewed interest from potential businesses. The project will provide more than 1,300 construction jobs over the next decade and more than $7 million in new wages because of lower energy costs.

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