New Guidance for April ARPA Reports to US Treasury from NACo

NACo offers a timely update for county government officials on the Treasury’s ARPA Recovery Fund Project and Expenditure (P&E) Reports, which are due April 30, 2022

Key Takeaways for ARPA P&E Report Submission Process

  • Treasury has stated that it is experiencing a very high volume of messages about problems that recipients are having with submitting their P&E Reports, which has caused a delay in addressing these issues. Treasury has stated that if your county has sent an email to Treasury outlining why you are unable to submit your P&E Report, you will not be penalized if you submit AFTER April 30, 2022, if your problem is not addressed prior to that date. Please encourage county officials to save a date stamped email and/or screen shot of their messages to Treasury!

If you are having an issue or are unable to submit your P&E Report, email both and and CC: with a description and screenshot of what the problem is.

  • If you are trying to submit your county’s P&E Report as the Authorized Representative, but the portal is stating it does not recognize your name/contact information, please watch the step-by-step walkthrough video released by Treasury. If the problem persists, email and and CC: with a description and screenshot of what the problem is.
  • Counties are required to make a one-time, irrevocable election to either take the $10 million revenue loss standard allowance or calculate revenue loss. Counties must indicate this choice in this April P&E Report.
  • If your county is claiming the $10 million revenue loss standard allowance, please follow the below steps. Please note that there are streamlined reporting requirements for revenue replacement funds.

Steps for claiming $10 million standard allowance and reporting requirements

Go to the “Project Overview” section
Choose 6 – Revenue Replacement – under the “Project Expenditure Category Group”
Choose EC 6.1 – Provision of Government Services – under the “Project Expenditure Category”
Enter in Project Name

If your county has not yet signed a contract, obligated or expended funds, select “My jurisdiction has no projects”

Enter Recipient Project ID#
Enter Total Cumulative Obligations
Enter Total Cumulative Expenditures
Enter Program Description
SKIP the following modules:

Subawards/direct payments

Go to the “Recipient Specific” module
Choose “Yes” under “Is your jurisdiction electing to use the standard allowance of up to $10 million, not to exceed your total allocation, for identifying revenue loss?”
Enter in the amount you would like to claim in the field below “Revenue Loss Due to COVID-19 Public Health Emergency”

For counties that receive less than $10 million in ARPA Recovery Funds and want to allocate the entirety of your allocation towards revenue loss, enter in your total allocation (total of first and second tranche) into this field

Provide a description of how revenue replacement funds were allocated to government services

NACo has released a number of resources that walk counties through the P&E Report submission process, including:

    1. Part 1: U.S. Treasury Webinar on Reporting Guidelines for the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds
    2. Part 2: Overview of U.S. Treasury Webinar on Project and Expenditure Reports for ARPA Recovery Funds – Overview of Revenue Replacement Reporting

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties