2022 End of Session Wrap-Up: Business Affairs

The segments below provide a brief overview of MACo’s work in the area of business affairs in the 2022 General Assembly. 

Through business affairs advocacy, MACo seeks to protect local regulatory and licensing authority, enhance citizens’ safety, and improve access to regulated services.

The unique circumstances surrounding the 444th legislative session, including necessary health and safety measures, posed a challenge for lawmakers and advocates alike. Yet, despite the unusual circumstances, MACo’s advocacy still led to more positive outcomes for its members.

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MACo supported legislation to expand the eligible uses of the Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses Account to include the provision of grants and the conversion of certain loan amounts into grants in areas in which a local state of emergency has been declared; and limiting to $50,000 the amount of certain grants and loan amounts converted to grants that may be provided to a single business or nonprofit organization. HB 386 and SB 310 Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses Account – Local State of Emergency were amended to be local-only bills, remained as Anne Arundel County and City of Annapolis – Small, Minority, and Women-Owned Businesses Account – Local State of Emergency. The local version of the bill passed, and included a MACo-supported amendment to study how such a program could be expanded in the future to support local states of emergency throughout the state and not just in Anne Arundel County. The bill awaits the governor’s signature.

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