State Highway Administration Launches Self-Driving Vehicles Survey

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT-SHA) recently released a Self-Driving Vehicles Survey, which closes on May 13th.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration(MDOT-SHA) is exploring the future of travel in Maryland. The primary objective of this survey is to understand the opportunities and challenges around new transportation innovations such as self-driving vehicles, also called autonomous vehicles. The survey closes on May 13th, 2022. Questions regarding this survey should be directed to .

You can find the MDOT-SHA Survey Here. 

Self-driving vehicles are a vital consideration for the future of travel in Maryland and may become a part of everyday life. MDOT-SHA in coordination with the broader Maryland program wants to hear what all Marylanders have to say about self-driving vehicles and how the state can plan for a future that meets everyone’s mobility needs. Survey answers will help us begin the conversation, improve public awareness, plan for the future of travel with self-driving vehicles, and help keep Maryland a great place to live, work, and play.

Check out the MDOT-SHA Self Driving Survey

MDOT-SHA Self Driving Half Flyer English

MDOT-SHA Self Driving Flyer English