Update: Annapolis Hillman Garage Remains Open, Demolition Timeline Uncertain

As of March 2022, no final closure date has been announced for the Annapolis Hillman Garage, and it is still available for use.

The website Access Annapolis has been launched to give customers, residents, and visitors updates on the status the Hillman rebuild as well as insight into parking and transportation options throughout construction.

The site shared an article on February 23, stating Hillman’s closure date as late March 2022. The project developer, Annapolis Mobility and Resilience Partners (AMRP), is undergoing the process of obtaining funding for the Hillman rebuild.

At the Annapolis City Council Meeting on February 28, City Manager David Jarrell explained that work remains on the financial aspects of the project.  A definitive date for Hillman closure has not been provided. Once construction has begun, downtown Annapolis will remain open.

According to the City of Annapolis website page on Capital Projects:

The City has entered a Pre Development Agreement (PDA) with Annapolis Mobility and Resilience Partners (AMRP) to study, design, and develop the rebuild of Hillman Garage through a special self-financing arrangement whereby the new garage would be leased back to the partners to operate while the City maintains ownership. The partners would then have the opportunity to bid on the redevelopment of City Dock.

Details on the Pre Development Agreement can be found on the City of Annapolis website.

As of March 21, 2022, when this blog was written, there was no final closure date announced for Hillman Garage. Hillman is still available to use for all visitors of Annapolis.

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