Howard Names New Director of Technology and Communications

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball last week named Brandee Ganz as the new director of the Howard County Department of Technology and Communications (DTCS). Ganz previously served as the head of the Project Management Office in the County’s Department of Information Technology.

DTCS is responsible for supporting the County’s many different functions by offering an array of services in order to help the departments meet their technology needs. This includes areas such as cybersecurity, geographical information systems (GIS), records management, the 9-1-1 system, the County websites, and more.

“Our vision for the future of Howard County government places a priority on efficient, effective, and modern technology,” said Ball. “I am proud to announce that Brandee Ganz will help us move forward as the new Director of the Howard County Department of Technology and Communications. With her leadership, we will ensure that Howard County better serves our residents online, guards against cyber threats, and improves our productivity.”

According to a press release:

As Director, Ganz will oversee more than 90 employees and be responsible for the continued growth and development of the IT department. Under her leadership, Howard County will implement a full re-design of the County website to improve user experience, mobile-friendly capability, and overall transparency. In addition, Howard County will roll out a new online Service Portal in 2020, making it easier than ever for residents to access all the services County government provides. DTCS will also continue to focus on, monitor, and enhance our security platform as our technology needs shift and evolve.

“It’s been an honor serving as the Interim Acting Director of the Department of Technology and Communication Services, and I am excited to have been chosen for the permanent position,” said Brandee Ganz. “As I take on the roles and responsibilities of the Technology and Communication Services Director, I hope to continue to enhance the quality of Technology services provided throughout Howard County.”

Ganz has worked in IT/Project Management for 18 years and been with the County for four years. She has served as the head of the Project Management Office in the IT Department for the past three years. During that time, she has overseen many projects, helping to ensure the county’s IT needs and standards were met and maintained.

Her successes include implementing the SNAP portal throughout the County to track and maintain all IT related incidents and changes. The system has also allowed for multiple workflows to be automated and streamlined, saving the county time and money. In addition to her work with SNAP, she also helped to coordinate and track the County agency moves to multiple locations, including the Patuxent Woods campus. Currently she is working on several large projects including system upgrades and the build out of new systems and functionality.

Ganz’s accolades include being nominated for the Leadership Award for the past two years and being named runner up for the Internal Customer Service Award at Howard County’s annual awards ceremony. Prior to working in Howard County, Ms. Ganz worked at the Maryland State Department of Education on the “Race to the Top” Federal Grant program for four years.

Read the full press release for more information.