Counties Seek Representation on Court Fees Workgroup

On March 2, 2022, Associate Policy Director D’Paul Nibber submitted testimony to the House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 1199 – Workgroup to Study the Impact of Court-Mandated Fines and Fees with amendments. This bill establishes a workgroup to study, and provide recommendations regarding, court-mandated fines and fees, in particular those affecting low-income residents.

From the MACo testimony

Many of the fines and fees to be reviewed as a part of HB 1199 are used to supplement scarce financial resources available to county leaders. Delivering public services, including safe and efficient correctional facilities, is among the most challenging feats for counties with such limited resources. Administering home detention as a condition of alternative sentences or pretrial arrangements, both of which are driven by justice and financial considerations, is another great challenge…

[MACo’s] amendment would provide a fuller account of the impact of court-mandated fines and fees, including both public health and law enforcement perspectives. For this reason, MACo requests a FAVORABLE WITH AMENDMENTS report on HB 1199.