Close Your Leadership Gap with NACo’s High Performance Leadership Academy

The NACo High Performance Leadership Academy program is designed to be affordable and non-disruptive to the busy schedules of county leaders. 

The leadership development program has been designed to make existing leaders better and emerging leaders ready to address the increasing complexity of government work and the change we must navigate. Leaders from nearly two-thirds of counties have participated in this Academy and each has found it to be:

  • Relevant and practical – the 12-week online leadership programs provide an immediate impact on the participant’s ability to drive performance outcomes and business results
  • Scalable – regions, associations, or counties can easily make this training available to their entire leadership base, from any location with this program
  • Non-disruptive – the online format allows for (1) easy access to the training without requiring travel; and, (2) easy-to-consume training modules allowing individuals to learning quickly and easily

Over 2,000 county leaders graduated with a Master Certificate from the Academy last year. Take this opportunity to close the leadership gap in your local government. The next sessions begin April 25, 2022, and counties are invited to identify nominees for enrollment now.

As an added benefit, enrollees from Maryland counties will receive a NACo scholarship of $850, reducing the enrollment fee to $1,645.

Learn more about the Academy, and enroll today.