MACo Urges Local Flexibility for Solar Tax Breaks

MACo Legislative Director Kevin Kinnally this week testified before the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee in support of SB 264 – Community Solar Energy Generating Systems – Exemption From Energy and Property Taxes with amendments. Under specified circumstances, this bill would exempt a community solar generating system from local energy and personal property taxes.

MACo generally supports legislation that provides local autonomy to determine the best way to offer tax incentives, rather than those that mandate reductions in local revenue sources. Mandated tax exemptions force counties to forego meaningful local revenues to support essential public services, even if the exemptions do not serve their best interests.

From the MACo testimony

Under the bill, a community solar energy generating system installed on a rooftop, parking canopy, or brownfield would be exempt from local energy and personal property taxes. In addition, to be eligible, the system must deliver at least 50 percent of the energy it produces to low- or moderate-income customers at a discounted rate.

In general, MACo stands for local self-determination. Counties, led by their elected leaders who are directly accountable within the community, are best positioned to make decisions on local affairs – ranging from land use to budget priorities.

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