Queen Anne’s High School Seniors Complete Community Emergency Response Team Training

Seniors at the Queen Anne’s County High School enrolled in the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness pathway, recently completed Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training.

Students that completed the CERT Training: Luke Allen, Alyssa Apple, Cody Chamberlain, Faith Corder, Caleb Curry, Paige Falstad, Jason Haney, Paige Hayes, Joseph Hershey, Jacob Kennedy, Madeline Kent, Kaitlyn Lee, Rowan Maltby, Karl Milligan, Ethan Parrinello, Ella Pinder, Jordan Trent, and Ryan Webster.

CERT Training educates volunteers with basic disaster preparedness and disaster response skills. Debra Hopkins from Queen Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services provided over 20 hours of training during the first semester of school. Students received a combination of lecture and hands on exercises during their scheduled class time. CERT training is designed to give regular citizens skills that may be necessary during an emergency if response personnel are delayed.

“With our high school seniors being on the cusp of adulthood this training is beneficial for their safety during a disaster and others’ safety as well,” said Debra Hopkins, Department of Emergency Services.

Students that participate in the Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness pathway at Queen Anne’s County High School learn how to prepare for disasters and even build a training exercise as part of their final project. Jason Woodward, Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness instructor and previous CERT participant, found the experience rewarding and wanted to give his students the same opportunity. “Bringing the two curriculums together has been a great experience that not only benefits students, but also adds a cadre of future volunteers,” said Jason.

According to a County press release:

Community Emergency Response Training is available to anyone interested in acquiring skills that they may need during a disaster to help themselves and their neighbors. To learn more about the Queen Anne’s County CERT program visit qac.org and search “CERT” or follow the Department of Emergency Services on social media @QACDES

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