Clean Chesapeake Coalition to Discuss Priorities at Winter #MACoCon

MACo’s Winter Conference, Dec 8-10, 2021, will focus on important local government issues and upcoming policy issues in the 2022 Maryland General Assembly Session.

Registrants of MACo’s Winter Conference have the opportunity to attend educational sessions, meetings, and briefings to become immersed in the hot topics of the day and prepare for the legislative policy work ahead. One such meeting – a frequent offering at MACo conferences – is the Clean Chesapeake Coalition.

From the Clean Chesapeake Coalition website:

Our coalition seeks to re-establish Maryland’s waters and its oyster, crab, fishing, and seafood packaging industries that were once so vital to our local economies. We want the Bay to be restored to its once great role as a beacon of recreation for residents and our tourism industries.

More details on their MACo Winter Conference meeting:

Wednesday, Dec 8; 4:15 pm – 5:15 pm
The Clean Chesapeake Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness of and pursue improvement to the water quality of Chesapeake Bay in the most prudent and fiscally responsible manner possiblethrough research, coordination and advocacy. Attend this meeting for an overview of the Coalition’s priorities and efforts related to Bay water quality and local economies dependent on a healthy Bay ecosystem.

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