Turkey Costs Flying High

Maryland turkey farmers are seeing rising costs of production and high sales volumes.

Local governments are no stranger to managing supply chain difficulties as a result of the pandemic. But these constraints are now pouring over onto our holiday tables. Small turkey farmers across Maryland’s 24 counties are experiencing hikes in both the cost of raising turkeys and the prices they can receive at market. Conduit Street readers will know supply chain constraints are nothing new.

One of the most significant considerations for farmers is the implications of raising prices and by how much. Some farmers selling fresh turkeys opted to raise prices by about $0.50 per pound. Nationally the price per pound of frozen turkey has risen by $0.20 to $1.36.

Besides dealing with the rising costs, farmers must also manage shortages or delays in getting materials used in raising turkeys. Longer delivery times for feed or grit (small stones that help turkeys with digestion) also contribute to the strain.

Supermarket operators predict that most shoppers will not experience too much difficulty getting a turkey this year. However, they should expect to see substitution brands as it has been difficult to source many of the other staples we often see around our table.

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