Hogan Names New Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Data Officer

Photo courtesy of the Office of Governor Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan today announced two significant appointments to bolster Maryland’s commitment to cybersecurity and data privacy:

  • Laura Gomez-Martin will serve as the State’s first Chief Privacy Officer.
  • Patrick McLoughlin will serve as the State’s first Chief Data Officer.

These appointments result from executive orders that Governor Hogan signed earlier this year at the Annapolis Cybersecurity Summit. Working in collaboration, Gomez-Martin will lead the State’s initiatives concerning data privacy, and McLoughlin will lead the State’s data governance program and promote the use of technology and data analytics.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, a workgroup convened by the Maryland Cybersecurity Council recommends that the State bolster its support for local governments to safeguard critical infrastructure and defend against malicious cyberattacks.

“Public officials have no higher responsibility than keeping the American people safe, and there is no greater threat to their safety than the cyber vulnerabilities of the systems that support our daily lives,” said Governor Hogan. “With these appointments, Maryland is further cementing its status as the cyber capital of America. Laura and Patrick both bring exceptional experience in these areas, and critical relationships with state and local leaders.”

According to a press release:

State Chief Privacy Officer

Laura Gomez-Martin currently serves as the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at the Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT). As an attorney with specializations in cybersecurity and technology law, Gomez-Martin’s focus has been on designing, implementing, and supporting large scale cybersecurity and privacy initiatives within public and private sectors. Over the past several years, she has served as the lead policy adviser for the development and implementation of the cybersecurity governance structure within DoIT’s Enterprise Initiative. She has a strong understanding of the intersection of information privacy law and policy, risk management, secure implementation, and auditing of IT infrastructure and programs.

As chief privacy officer, Gomez-Martin will oversee the state’s privacy program and initiatives with respect to data protection matters, and will be responsible for monitoring program compliance, investigation and tracking of incidents and potential breaches, and ensuring citizens rights.

“I’m honored to serve as Maryland’s first State Chief Privacy Officer,” said Gomez-Martin. “How organizations collect and use data has increasingly become an important issue, and I’m excited to work with the governor’s office and state agencies to continue building privacy practices that protect the personal information of Maryland residents.”

State Chief Data Officer

Patrick McLoughlin, GISP, is a data and analytics professional with extensive experience helping organizations maximize the value of their data by aligning data management strategies with business strategies. He has 17 years of experience working with large data programs in the commercial and government sectors, including most recently, as a data and analytics consultant and Director of Data Solutions at Johnson, Mirmiran, & Thompson (JMT), leading data strategies, data management, and governance processes, as well as business intelligence and analytics initiatives for both internal and external customers. Prior to working at JMT, he was the Director of Business Intelligence for DoIT and led the state’s Open Data Program.

“In this environment of threats and vulnerabilities, it is critical that governments stay at the forefront of these issues, and I want to thank Governor Hogan for the opportunity to serve as the state’s first Chief Data Officer,” said McLoughlin. “I’m looking forward to applying my experience in both the public sector and the private sector to advance the state’s commitment to data and analytics.”

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