MD First Lady Helps Open New Store In Queen Anne’s

First Lady Yumi Hogan recently participated in the opening ceremony of Acacia’s Farm Co-Op Store on Kent Island in Queen Anne’s County. 

Recently, First Lady Yumi Hogan helped open the Acacia’s Farm Co-Op Store on Kent Island in Queen Anne’s County. The store highlights the work of students working on the Acacia Farm. The focus of the farm’s education program is to teach students essential skills through agriculture.

According to the Star Democrat: 

“At Acacia’s Farm, students can experience the convergence of creative activities, community engagement, social learning, economic education and environmental protection,” Hogan said in a statement. “This is a wonderful program where our youth are inspired and given the opportunity to develop life skills, such as inquiry and discovery, through agriculture. More importantly, they have fun!”

The store was born out of students’ success selling products they produced while in the program at local farmers’ markets. Students saw a lot of success as their products would quickly sell, but programs leaders thought they could do better with teaching students the lessons of being an entrepreneur. With the new store, the hope is that students will gain more experience and lessons in business.

According to the Star Democrat:

With the shop, kids will be able to expand on the marketing and advertising components of their projects and education. Operating the store on Friday afternoons — with incentives currently being discussed to have students volunteer at the co-op on Saturday — the grade-school children will also learn retail skills.

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