Port of Baltimore Sees Demand Increase

The Port of Baltimore has begun feeling national supply chain constraints as trucks sit idle for hours. 

Two weeks ago the Port of Baltimore was not experiencing any congestion and was actively telling companies to ship there. Two weeks later the port experienced significant congestion as truckers had to wait for hours to get containers off of ships and onto their vehicles. Port officials said the delays were due to a combination of road construction around the port and increased demand. Currently, officials are working on new efficiencies in the loading and unloading process to help prevent future backups.

According to CBS Baltimore: 

“We’re receiving more cargo because we’re a non-congested port, both at the terminal and when we move out of the gate either by truck or by rail,” said William Doyle, the port’s executive director.

As of Wednesday traffic delays seemed to have subsided. Many experts are saying that the supply chain bottlenecks that we are experiencing will have an impact on the upcoming holiday season. The Maryland Port Administration told CBS Baltimore that they are always looking for new drivers, but as of now, they are doing okay.

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