Montgomery Explores Public Transit Expansion Along 270

Recently the Montgomery County Planning Board released recommendations for the expansion of public transit along I270. 

The Montgomery County Planning Board recently released recommendations for expanded public transit along I270. The recommendations give a medium and long-term outlook at public transit in the I270 corridor and examines furthering bus and rail development.

According to the recommendations:

Corridor Forward is the first transit-focused plan for the I-270 corridor and seeks to establish a recommended transit network and policy framework to improve transit connections, economic health, community equity, and environmental resilience along and within the corridor.

The recommendations primarily call for creating bus lanes along the interstate, connecting those new lanes with the county’s Bus Rapid Transit System, currently under development. Five locations would receive new bus infrastructure under the plan, including:

  • Clarksburg
  • Germantown
  • Montgomery Village
  • Great Seneca/Southwest Gaithersburg
  • Life Sciences Center

Long term the plan called for expanding the metro eight miles to Germantown.  Projected costs for the metro expansion total a little less than $1.5 billion. The expansion would include the addition of three new stops:

  • Old Town Gaithersburg
  • Md. 124/Fairgrounds
  • Germantown Town Center

The board’s recommendations are on track to be submitted to Montgomery County Council by the end of the year.

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