Soldiers Save Man from High Flood Waters in Queen Anne’s

Yesterday, two soldiers from the MD National Guard saved a man trapped in high water at a Safeway parking lot on Kent Island.

Several areas on the Eastern Shore experienced fast-rising flood waters due to heavy rain. Because of the bravery and kindness of two soldiers, a man’s life was saved.

The Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Department wrote on their Facebook page:

We want to let everyone know about the kindness that took place today. As DFC M. Johnston arrived on scene to the driver of the sinking red Jeep at Safeway, in Chester…Two soldiers were holding the head of the driver, above water, until fire and EMS could arrive. The sunroof had to be broken and the soldiers, who wish to remain anonymous, were unable to get the driver out due to his leg being stuck. The Jeep had to be pulled out of the high-standing water by Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department before the door could be pried open. Everyone is safe and we want to send a huge THANK YOU to those 2 soldiers. If this post ever makes it back to you, thank you for your service and thank you for what you did today!

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