B’more City Resumes Bulk Trash, White Goods Collection

Mayor Brandon M. Scott recently announced that effective October 2, the city’s DPW will resume bulk trash and white goods collection. 

Starting in October, Saturday will now be bulk trash day in the Charm City. Collections will occur 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., with services focused on a different city section each week. Households will be allotted three bulk items per month and residents can begin calling 311 on September 17 to request a collection date.  

“‘We know residents rely on bulk trash services and, thanks to a strong partnership with Director Mitchell and the Bureau of Solid Waste, I’m proud to announce the restart of this service after a long suspension to help keep our neighborhoods clean,’ said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. ‘I thank our residents for their patience and understanding while this service was suspended, and look forward to working closely with DPW to ensure this and other services can come back online safely for the benefit of our residents’” (County press release). 

Collection Schedule:  

  • First Saturday of the month: Southwest 
  • Second Saturday of the month: Northwest & Central 
  • Third Saturday of the month: Northeast 
  • Fourth Saturday of the month: Southeast 
  • DPW will make up all missed bulk and white goods collections during the week 

Read the full press release