At MACoCon, Hogan Announced the State’s Route 90 Project and Discussed COVID-19 Response

At MACo’s 2021 Summer Conference, Governor Hogan delivered the Closing Address in which he announced the State of Maryland’s Route 90 Project and highlighted the State’s commitment to COVID-19 response.

Route 90 Announcement

“In the coming weeks, state transportation officials will be rolling out a bold new consolidated transportation plan, which will include even more unprecedented infrastructure investments,” said Governor Hogan. “In fact, while we are here in Ocean City, I am pleased to announce for the first time here today that our new CTP will include funding for the planning of the long-awaited and desperately needed MD Route 90—the gateway to Ocean City—project. MD 90 is a top priority not only for safety, access, and the local economy, but also for its vital role in emergency response. We are very pleased to be taking this important step forward and we also look forward to working with each of you and your jurisdictions on all of the critical projects in your counties” (Governor press release).

MACo Partnership

“Seven years ago, I committed that our administration would work with MACo to build a true partnership with our county governments, and that our administration would be more accessible and responsive to you and your needs” Governor Hogan remarked. “I want to thank my entire cabinet and our staff for working closely with all of you and living up to that commitment. Never has our close collaboration and partnership been more important than over the past 18 months” (Governor video release).

COVID-19 Response

“Through our No Arm Left Behind mission, our state has administered more than 7.4 million COVID-19 vaccines. Eighty percent of Marylanders 18 and older are already vaccinated, and we have vaccinated 94% of Maryland seniors, making Maryland one of the most vaccinated states in America” (Governor video release).

Economic Recovery

“Thanks to all of our hard work together, Maryland truly is leading the nation in both health and economic recovery from this one-in-a-generation pandemic. I am pleased to report that Maryland has now added more than 56,000 jobs so far this year, including the more than 22,000 jobs announced yesterday that we added in the month of July alone. Our unemployment rate is at its lowest level since the pandemic began, and more jobs are available in our state than ever before. Maryland has remained open for business, and a new national survey recently ranked Maryland as the most improved state in America for business” (Governor video release).

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