Lewis Strategic Assists Clients to Create Legislative Agendas and Secure Legislative Victories

Lewis Strategic assists clients with creating legislative agendas and securing legislative victories.

For 19-years, Lewis Strategic has led large and small Broadband-Gigabit and cell tower projects across Pennsylvania, and Maryland. My partner, Dellicker Strategies is a veteran-owned technology services company that delivers practical and affordable information technology and cybersecurity solutions for schools and local governments. Since 2005, Dellicker has led successful telecom aggregation projects totaling almost $500 million directly impacting more than 2,000 organizations. Lewis has led the construction of hundreds of cell towers in rural parts of Pennsylvania, indirectly impacting many thousands more. We get results.

Dellicker and Lewis Strategic (combined, “Dellicker”) performed a successful broadband and dead cell zone RFP process for St. Mary’s County, Maryland in late 2020. Using the same Scope of Work as a starting point, we listen to your goals and objectives, to improve-upon the results of the broadband Gigabit project, community engagement, and Dead Cell Zone project results.  Areas designated as “Dead Cell Zones” are areas with little or no cell phone service.  With 90% of e911 calls originating from cell phones, areas without cell coverage present challenges for public safety. We are confident we can bring forward nationally prominent Gigabit and cell tower projects to your region.  Our baseline goal is reducing broadband pricing by 50%, doubling the number of gigabit buyers, increasing broadband and cell coverage accessibility, and eliminating 10 or more of the prioritized Dead Cell Zones.

Lewis Strategic client services include facilitating pitch meetings with decision makers, addressing legal and administrative challenges in state and local governments, helping to secure grants, and much more. Learn more about Lewis Strategic services.

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