Montgomery County’s Minimum Wage Increases July 1

On July 1, the minimum wage in Montgomery County will increase to $15 for employers with 51 or more employees and $14 for employers with 50 or fewer employees; a small employer, with 10 or fewer employees, is required to pay $13.50 hourly.

As previously reported on Conduit Street, Montgomery County will raise the minimum wage incrementally, each July 1, until it reaches $15 per hour in 2022. The number of workers employed by the business will determine the amount of the increase.

“I was proud to champion the increase in the minimum wage when I was a County Council member and pleased to see that it is finally reached $15 per hour for large employers,” said Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich. “Montgomery County has been at the forefront of minimum wage policies and this increase will not just help those earning minimum wages but will also increase wages for all hourly workers throughout the County.”

An employer who provides “home health services” or “home or community-based services” and receives at least 75 percent of gross revenues through state and federal Medicaid programs, may apply to the Office of Human Rights for designation as an eligible services provider subject to an adjusted implementation schedule.

Most employees must be paid at least the Montgomery County minimum wage rate. Employees age 18 and under, working under 20 hours per week, are exempt from this rate. Employees under 18 years of age must earn at least 85 percent of the State minimum wage rate.

More information about the County’s minimum wage increase is available on this informational notice.

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