Frederick Offers Community Grant Program Recreation Facility Grants

Frederick County, through its Parks and Recreation Commission (FCPRC) is accepting applications from eligible non-profit community organizations that provide recreation opportunities for county residents, for funding from its Community Grant Program for the fiscal year 2022 (beginning July 2021).

According to a County press release:

The following organizations are eligible and may apply for grants: Homeowners Associations, Civic/Community/Service Organizations, Athletic Associations, and Recreation Councils.

Grants are for the purpose of improving existing recreation facilities or constructing new ones on land owned or utilized by the organization. Funding is not allowed on land owned by federal, state, municipalities, or Frederick County. Funds will be provided prior to project construction and can be applied towards the cost of materials, equipment, and contracted labor. Construction labor may be provided by any combination of volunteer service by the organization and/or paid contractors. Grants will not be awarded to meet the annual maintenance needs for existing facilities. Projects must be completed within two years of July 1st of the funding year (For FY2022, this will be June 30, 2023).

Learn more details about the grant program, and read the full press release.