Unemployment Issues Spark Debate During Legislative Briefing

Multiple issues with unemployment benefits – from the Governor’s recent decision to withdraw from expanded federal benefit levels, to new frustrations with recipient access – fueled a two-hour meeting of a House of Delegates committee.

During the June 8 meeting of the House Economic Matters Committee, Administration officials discussed their ongoing efforts to improve and complete access to unemployment benefits amidst a worry of fraudulent applications, and defended the Governor’s decision to discontinue Marylanders’ receipt of additional federal benefits beginning in July.

A presentation by staff from the National Conference of State Legislators led off the discussion, offering context of other state decisions reacting to the unique workplace dynamics of the lingering pandemic.

For more detail on the meeting:

Watch the full meeting video on the General Assembly site:

House Economic Matters – June 8, 2021

And view the meeting materials distributed:

National Conference of State Legislatures presentation

Department of Labor presentation



Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties