Prince George’s Ramps Up Litter Reduction and Cleanup Efforts

Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks has announced plans to tackle littering and illegal dumping in the county through new initiatives and community partnerships. 

Between illegally placed advertisement signs in median strips to trash thrown from car windows, counties are grappling with litter issues. Last week during a press conference, Prince George’s County rolled out a few new tactics. The County will appoint a “litter czar,” and refer illegal dumping cases to the state’s attorney’s office.

“For those who think that Prince George’s is an OK place to illegally dump stuff, like your mattresses and your raggedy couch and whatever else they have dumped, I want you to know also: We’ve got our eye on you, we’ve got our camera moving around and we will be to visit you when we catch your picture” said Alsobrooks.

The County has already captured more than 130 tons of litter through targeted cleanups by the Department of Public Works & Transportation, with more planned for the future including a May 1st countywide cleanup effort. The County Executive also responded to complaints of litter on State roads, describing that those roads full of litter must be maintained by the State, and the County is working in partnership with them to make improvements in the area.

Prince George’s will also launch a new app that will help residents track and coordinate cleanup activities.

For more information, watch the full press conference and read coverage in WTOP.