Baltimore Mayor Names Third Deputy, Focusing on Equity and Quality of Life

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott announced that he would be appointing Faith Leach as his third deputy mayor, charging her with the oversight of equity of quality of life issues in the City, among other critical responsibilities.

Faith Leach, Baltimore City Deputy Mayor for Equity, Health and Human Services (Image: Baltimore City)

As reported by the Baltimore Business Journal, Leach currently serves as the chief of staff at the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation. As deputy mayor, she will oversee equity, health and human services, and Baltimore City agencies that deal with quality of life issues, including the COVID-19 response. In this role, Leach can draw on her extensive experience working on economic inequality and philanthropic projects.

During her time at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation Leach’s efforts mirrored her background, securing a $200 million commitment from the company to combat economic and public health problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to JPMorgan, Leach worked for D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser as the chief of staff to the deputy mayor for greater economic opportunity.

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