MDE Urging Marylanders to Test Their Homes for Radon

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) is urging Marylanders to consider testing their homes for radon by accessing a reduced price ($3) radon test kit.

During National Radon Action Month in January, approximately 1,500 radon test kits were sent out to Marylanders who were eager to learn about the radon levels in their homes.

Radon exposure is a health hazard with a simple solution. Radon is an invisible, odorless radioactive gas in the earth that can enter into lower level rooms of your home, like a basement. The longer you and your family are exposed to radon, the greater risk you have of developing lung cancer. Testing for radon is easy, affordable and the best way to protect your family from exposure. Radon test kits are available at home improvement stores or online.

In conjunction with the Maryland Department of Health (MDH), MDE has participated in outreach activities throughout the year with various interest groups and organizations to educate Marylanders and increase awareness about radon testing, radon levels in homes, and the possible link to lung cancer.

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