Counties Request Flexibility for Unemployment Insurance Payments During COVID-19

On March 2, 2021 MACo Policy Associate Drew Jabin submitted testimony to the Senate Finance Committee to support SB 790 – Unemployment Insurance – Reimbursing Employers Deferral of Payment During a State of Emergency for COVID-19. This bill would provides a tool for county governments, as reimbursable employers, to delay their remittances by a year during a COVID-19 state of emergency.

From the MACo Testimony:

Under current law, a nonprofit organization or governmental entity is required to pay their quarterly billing within 30 days after the Secretary mails it. SB 790 adds a provision allowing for these amounts to be paid within one year after the date on which the state of emergency was declared by the Governor due to the COVID-19 pandemic, simply giving reimbursing employers a comparable cushion as to what rate-paying employers are already allowed for COVID-related layoffs.

It is worth nothing that there is language in the RELIEF bill for reimbursing employers, but only those with fewer than 50 employees, therefore excluding county government as an employer. SB 790 is a welcome “tool in the toolbox” for county governments to be included as reimbursable employers and to allow for the deferral of liabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

MACo also supports the sponsor’s amendments.

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