Commercial Property Bill: Troubling Tax Effects Likely To Be Withdrawn

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson testified before the House Judiciary Committee in opposition to HB 1102 Commercial Tenants – Personal Liability Calluses – Enforcementability and Landlord Relief. This bill would require counties to refund commercial landlords for any county property taxes collected from the fiscal year 2020.

During the hearing, the bill sponsor noted his interest in remedying the tax concerns, and the Committee Chair advised of that intention following MACo’s testimony.

From the MACo Testimony, based on the bill as introduced:

MACo is concerned with the county fiscal effects of this legislation and would prefer approaches that provide local autonomy to determine the best way to provide tax incentives, rather than those that mandate reductions in local revenue sources.

This bill would drastically undermine county revenues and jeopardize limited local funds for public health, schools, public safety, roadway maintenance, and other essential public services upon which all county residents depend.

Follow MACo’s advocacy efforts during the 2021 legislative session on MACo’s Legislative Tracking Database.

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