MACo Fears Lawsuit Costs: “Way More Than Just Police”

MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson today testified before the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in opposition to SB 602 Tort Claims Acts – Limits on Liability. This bill increases the limits on the liability of a local government.

From the MACo Testimony:

Maryland very recently doubled the tort limits on State and local governments. Under the Tort Claims Acts, this balanced law affords plaintiffs a reliable source to receive actual compensation for acts of a public employee performing work duties. The substantial dollar values allowed provide a proper avenue and remedy for meritorious cases in State courts. There is no policy reason to relocate these constitutional claims from federal courts to State courts (the likely practical outcome of this bill), other than to enable greater dollar values for local jury decisions.

SB 602 is introduced among a wave of legislation promoting police reform, but instead will merely trigger greater fiscal liability for taxpayers, siphoning public funds away from needed services – education, public health, and transportation. Accordingly, MACo requests the Committee give SB 602 an UNFAVORABLE report.

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